AVG enters Mac anti-malware market with AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free

Czech security developer AVG has launched AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free Edition 14.0, its first major foray into the increasingly crowded Mac anti-malware market. The new release comes with the promise of "triple protection" against not just Mac malware, but Windows and Android malware too.

The release is a no-frills affair, with real-time protection, a simple on-demand file scanner and automatic updates the sum of the application’s whole.


After installation, AVG will offer to launch a full scan of the user’s computer for malware. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t scan archives or external drives by default -- users need to switch on this functionality from the AVG AntiVirus > Preferences menu.

After the scan -- which takes in potential Windows and Android malware as well as Mac threats -- completes, the user is shown a list of threats and given the option of removing them all or skipping back to the main screen where users can initiate complete scans or simply drag and drop individual files into the File Scanner tool for on-demand access.

The only other configuration option is the ability to switch off real-time protection. Should users wish to remove AVG after trying it, make sure to choose AVG AntiVirus > Uninstall AVG AntiVirus rather than simply dragging the application to the trash.

In terms of functionality, it’s very basic -- similar to Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, but it may appeal to those wanting a set-it-and-forget-it solution, or those with frequent access to PCs and Android devices who want additional protection. It’s worth noting that Symantec’s basic iAntivirus tool promises to stop Windows malware too, but protection against Android-based malware is a unique selling point at this time.

Other users looking for more functionality should check out Avast Free Antivirus for Mac 7.0 FINAL, which allows users to scan custom "zones" rather than their entire system, plus checks incoming mail and web downloads for infections.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free Edition 14.0 is available now as a freeware download for Macs running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.

18 Responses to AVG enters Mac anti-malware market with AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free

  1. Info Dave says:

    The biggest reason for Mac users to run antivirus software is to scan for Windows malware that they might inadvertently pass on to a Windows user. Can't speak to Android.

    • david95 says:

      Agreed. What right or wrong minded virus programmer would waste his/her time writing a virus for only .00000001% of the market, when he/she can write one for 99.99999999% of the market. Better hope Mac doesn't get to popular. I promise, it's not because they "can't", it's because there aren't enough Macs to make it worth their while.

      • Info Dave says:

        Well, you're only off by 1,000,000,000%, but other than that...

        In case you haven't noticed, the security through obscurity argument died a while back. Windows has been the swiss cheese of security for years. That is the primary reason Microsoft is attempting to shove Metro down your throat. The rest of the world valued security, Microsoft did not.

        The number of virus signatures added to Windows each day is staggering. Please give me a link to the last time a single signature was added to OS X. Better yet, give me a link to a single iOS signature. You are completely out of touch with reality.

      • Info Dave says:

        OK, I'll play, wallee8, but you better respond with something other than 6 year old facts, from one person. Agreed? I didn't think so. Charlie Miller collected 2 or 3 MacBooks from whatever that conference was. Now let's talk reality, shall we?

        Analyze all of the security vectors in existence, and show me how Windows doesn't far exceed its market share with vulnerabilities. No matter how you analyze it, Microsoft is Swiss Cheese when it come to security.

        When you say "MACs have the worst security", you are wrong, on so many levels. My mama said, "Never argue with an idiot, they'll bring the conversation down to their level, then beat you with experience."

        How can I compete?

        p.s. it's Macs, not MACs. MAC is the unique address assigned to every Internet device, Mac is the device enjoyed by discerning individuals.

      • view2share says:

        Everyone's a comedian, or Microshill these days :))

      • Info Dave says:

        p.s. provide a single link to a single signature to WinRT. The walled garden is not a bad thing.

  2. nascent says:

    But I thought mac's didn't get viruses? lol

  3. ms_t_rie says:

    Because I do have Windows stuff to deal with too, I have tried several AV programs on OSX. Never has any of them found something I hadn't already dealt with (email attachments, already in the trash). I ran Avira for a long time, until one of the updates caused it to eat the CPU up. (probably fixed by now, but I had moved on) Sophos wasn't too bad, but it did interfere with a couple of things. Avast I would recommend that NOBODY use on OSX 10.9, it cause some hidden file access slowdowns that DRAMATICALLY slowed down anything that had to access the disk for any length of time. (just opening one of my games took 5 minutes, when it used to take 10 seconds. But the timing had coincided with a game update, so I thought it was that).

    Right now I'm back to none, I'll probably install something in a few months and run it again, and I expect it won't find anything.

  4. smarterthanuare says:

    Windows doesn't have as many security problems as Mac OS X. A lot of people think that Unix is harder to exploit remotely but any expert would know that isn't true.

  5. view2share says:

    Bitdefender has a free app as well. I run it once in a great while. Nothing ever show up.

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