IBM partners with Eurobank to deliver cloud-based international trade

As the world begins to emerge from recession it's trade that will play a major role in driving the recovery. In a bid to bring together importers and exporters from around the world to increase transactions, IBM is partnering with Eurobank -- one of the largest banks in Greece -- to launch a cloud-based platform for international trading.

Called Exportgate -- a name which puts us in mind of some sort of scandal but we're sure they know what they’re doing -- it uses IBM's Digital Experience software to create a secure business-to-business web portal. Exportgate combines industry analysis tools to allow buyers to view company profiles and presentations, contact sellers directly and exchange ideas and research via forums. It also has the social capabilities you'd expect of any self-respecting modern business package.

Using the portal Greek businesses looking to expand their operations globally can find partners with relevant experience in other countries. At the same time international companies can find trading connections in Greece. Exportgate members have access to directories of over 1,400 Greek exporters and more than 6,500 international trading companies.

"One of the biggest challenges of international trade is the inability to effectively identify and engage with new partners on a global scale. Exportgate is helping to remove these barriers," says Constantinos Vousvounis, General Manager, Group Corporate and Investment Banking at Eurobank. "By partnering with IBM, members now have access to a cloud-based digital experience that helps them easily identify and expand their network of trusted partners while minimizing costs and accelerating growth into new markets".

More than 60 percent of visitors to Exportgate are from outside Greece, originating in countries including the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Russia. So far the site has generated more than 485,000 visits, 1,348,102 portal page views, over 8,000 e-library member visits, and has led to more than 2,300 partnerships and connections among international companies.

"Eurobank's new digital strategy for international imports and exports has brought vibrancy to the global trading system in the region," Larry Bowden, IBM's Vice President of Exceptional Digital Software says. "Now through this unique cloud-based digital experience members have unparalleled access to their target audiences, as well as one of the largest and most organized libraries of trading resources that are all customized to their exact industry and business needs".

To find out more and start boosting your own Greek trade you can visit the Exportgate website.

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