Unchecky now helps you avoid even more adware

Unchecky, the clever tool which adjusts setup programs so they don’t install adware by default, has been upgraded to version 0.2.

Core improvements start with support for many more installers. There have also been more than 20 issues resolved, some significant, which means this release is far more stable.

New "advanced settings" mean you can now disable automatic Unchecky updates, as well as telling the program not to use your HOSTS file to block OpenCandy, BetterInstaller and similar servers.

All this is presented in a new interface, along with extra information, including the number of checkboxes the program has unchecked so far.

If you really want to avoid adware then we think the best approach is to pay close attention during the setup process, and make sure you know exactly what you’re installing. Everyone makes mistakes, though, and it may still be worth using Unchecky as a second line of defense, just to help keep your system adware-free.

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