Amazon holds (another) Kindle Fire sale

Since the latest generation of the Kindle Fire family of tablets rolled out, it almost seems the devices are on sale more often than not. Just recently the retail giant celebrated being named number one in customer satisfaction with a promo code for its devices, now it’s using football as an excuse for one more deal.

It’s not hard to deduce why this latest bargain is being given -- Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, home of the Seahawks who are now Super Bowl-bound to battle the Denver Broncos. In fact, the graphic currently displayed on the homepage illustrates the Seahawks-49ers game this past Sunday.

The deal is offering $30 off the price, making the 7-inch model only $199. To take advantage, customers need to enter the promo code GameOn30 at checkout. You’ll need to grab the tablet today, as the offer expires at 11:59 PST on January 21.

Of course, if you miss out, there will almost certainly be another sale right around the corner. The company doesn’t need to earn money on the hardware, as it plans to make that up on the backend.

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