Skyhigh helps quantify the risk from corporate cloud usage

The cloud is increasingly popular with businesses because of its flexibility and low infrastructure costs, however, it does present risks when compared to running systems in house.

A new product from California-based Skyhigh Networks is aimed at quantifying the risks associated with public cloud services and takes the guesswork out of understanding and managing them.

Skyhigh's Enterprise CloudRisk Dashboard enables IT, security and executive teams to view a single score that encapsulates their overall cloud risk. They can also drill down to the metrics that make up the score, helping them understand the specific drivers of their risk. The product also produces recommendations to reduce risk and benchmarks the score both with a company's peers and between departments as well as tracking trends over time.

"For years, financial services' firms have been using objective, quantitative credit scores to evaluate potential risk," says Rajiv Gupta, CEO and founder of Skyhigh Networks. "With Enterprise CloudRisk Dashboard, we aim to bring a similar approach to managing cloud risk, so that our customers can adopt cloud services while minimizing risk."

The Dashboard has four key functions, the main one being a CloudRisk Score which provides a unique 1-10 score as well as showing its contributing factors. CloudRisk Recommendations produces actionable steps to reduce cloud risk, thereby improving the organization's CloudRisk Score.

CloudRisk Benchmarks allows the comparison of an organization's CloudRisk Score between internal departments and with industry peers, providing guidance on how the risk compares to organization norms and the industry. Finally CloudRisk Trends shows changes to the overall CloudRisk Score over time as well as trends in user, service and data risk.

Skyhigh also operates a CloudTrust Program to provide users with an objective assessment of a cloud service's security capabilities. Services that reach the most stringent standards can display the Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready logo on their site. The company is aiming for this to become an accepted standard for cloud safety as VeriSign is for secure web connections.

You can find out more about CloudRisk Dashboard on the Skyhigh website.

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