Kitsch alert! Alchaemy reveals 24kt gold Apple Mac Pro

macproIt looks like every company that desperately wants to be in the spotlight -- or win some kitsch award -- is trying to do it by unveiling something in gold. Well, congrats, Alchaemy, you most definitely are the latest winner.

The company took the wraps off a 24 karat gold Mac Pro, that is part of its Shyne series. As if Apple's new powerhouse is not expensive enough, starting at $2,999, be prepared to spend an additional $1597.99 (because, probably $1600 sounded too expensive) to customize it in this trim. Some would say the Mac Pro looks like a trash can. Well, thanks to Alchaemy, you can now make it look like a gold trash can.

But if the 24 karat gold is too expensive, Alchaemy can customize a Mac Pro with a black diamond or chrome trim, that are also part of the Shyne series (gee, I wonder why it is called that), for $999 or $749, respectively, or in one of the 15 available colors for $349, that are included in the lesser Colorz series (will the tacky names end here?). A custom color job goes for $699.

The only reason why I think someone might want to have a gold Mac Pro is so they can tell everyone who sees it that the trim costs "nearly $1600". Of course, they would basically admit to their lack of taste as well.

If you do go for a gold Mac Pro, which I would not advise, be prepared to receive invitations for kitsch art shows. Just do not be surprised if everyone there has gold iPhones (Alchaemy makes them as well).

Update: Following a request to remove the image Alchaemy had on its site for its custom Mac Pro series, which looks very much like the one The Verge has in a post, we have changed both the main and featured photos with one Apple has of the Mac Pro.

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