Microsoft finally gives the Surface Power Cover a release date -- March 19th

When the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were unveiled last year in Manhattan, I was on hand. While the tablets were the stars of the event, there were many interesting accessories too. My favorite accessory was the Surface Music Kit as it allowed music creation in a unique way. However, the Power Cover was intriguing too. You see, it acts like the normal type cover, but dramatically extends the battery.

Sadly, the Power Cover has been unavailable for purchase. Surface fans such as myself, have been clamoring to obtain it. Luckily, a release date has finally come to light -- March 19th. It will work with the Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 -- the Surface RT has been left out of the party.

"Work with the speed and functionality of a classic laptop keyboard while extending the battery life of your Surface up to 70 percent with the Power Cover. It also recharges your Surface's battery while you work. You'll have plenty of juice to stay unplugged all day in the office, during a full day of classes, or on a cross-country flight", says Microsoft.

Of course, it still functions like the standard Type Cover, offering a full keyboard and trackpad. Also, it doubles as a screen protector when not in use. This makes it good for tossing into a bag without worrying about the screen.

If you are interested in buying, you can pre-order now for a reasonable $199.99. While some may claim it is expensive, getting 70 percent more battery life can mean life and death for the busy professional -- it is priceless. Not to mention, watching movies on a long flight.

Do you own a Surface 2, Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2? Will you be buying the Surface Power Cover? Tell me in the comments.

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