Icon History shows which sites you're addicted to

We all have multiple favorite websites we visit on a regular basis -- Google, Facebook, BetaNews, and so on. But if you've ever wondered how often, and when, you visit them, a new Chrome browser extension can show you.

Install Iconic History and it will scan your browser history, create a favicon for each URL you visited, and then layout the favicons in a sequence based on access time. You can scroll through time (Chrome stores up to four months’ worth of history) and hovering over a favicon will tell you the site name, and access time. Clicking on a favicon will open that site in a new tab.

According to Shan Huang, the add-on’s creator, provided you don’t clear your browser history on a regular basis, you can expect to see around 20,000 favicons displayed, and might be able to identify certain "life events" -- when you spent longer than average on a particular site.

The add-on also provides filters so you can narrow the results by site and/or time. So if you want to know when you spend the most time browsing here, or what sites you most often visit late at night, you can easily find out.

You can install Iconic History here.

Photo Credit: Tang Yan Song/Shutterstock

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