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At the Build conference earlier this month, Microsoft announced developers will finally be able to release "universal" Windows and Windows Phone apps. Alongside this welcome addition, the software giant also introduced a unified pricing scheme.

It removes any differences in price points between Windows Store and Windows Phone Store apps, the former of which can now cost as little as $0.99 or $1.29. Microsoft says "apps priced in this range represent 55 percent of Windows Phone paid transactions today", so it makes sense to make Windows Store offerings more attractive by lowering the cost barrier. The change went into effect this weekend, and, as the software giant says, "your app prices may have changed as a result".

Microsoft has not revealed exactly which way app prices can go depending on their previous pricing scheme. They may be more expensive or cheaper, obviously, but that depends on what the company decides, apparently behind closed doors. Some transparency would go a long way here.

On top of that, Microsoft says that it has also performed some "adjustments for local factors including changes in foreign exchange rates, taxes and market-specific pricing customs", which adds to the confusion of the price changes. "You can expect to see some changes in your app pricing, in some cases lower and in others higher", adds Microsoft.

As one developer says on Microsoft's MSDN forums, the pricing changes also do not appear to be consistent. In that case, a Windows Store app costing £0.99 before now costs £1.29, even though the former price point, that was just introduced prior to this weekend, continues to be available.

It, therefore, would have made sense for the app to cost the same £0.99. "I would expect changes like this to be a bit more prominent -- maybe through an email to individual developers?", adds the developer.

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