With this Surface tablet, I thee wed


Microsoft has really been embracing video lately. Whether bashing the Chromebook or promoting its own Surface tablets, the videos it produces are enjoyable and informative to say the least.

Say what you want about the Surface line of tablets, but they are very functional, well-made devices. Microsoft's videos simply show-off the tablet's potential, which is sometimes lost in the tech community. Let's be honest, many people have dismissed Surface, unfairly. Today, the company unleashes another video, highlighting how a wedding planner named Ashlee uses Surface to be succesful.

"Ashlee is a wedding planner and someone who pretty much helps turn people's dreams into reality. Being a wedding planner she plans and executes one of the most important days in a person’s life, and she’s using Surface 2 as her one device to fulfill her passion for helping people write their love stories. Ashlee spends a lot of time on the go and out on location. On a given afternoon she might be out testing cakes or scouting wedding venues, and Surface 2 allows her to work from wherever she is", says Emilie Bridon Surface Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

wedding.jpg-550x0Bridon further explains, "a big part of Ashlee's job is communication. She has to share pictures of her ideas with her clients, keep their feedback organized and make sure that both she and the couple getting married are all on the same page. Excel, OneNote and the camera app play major roles in Ashlee's days; all of these make her job easier and allow her to explain her vision to her clients for their big day. In the end true love wins and it’s really cool to see Surface 2 play a part in that".

In the video below, Ashlee shows how the kickstand helps her show things to clients, as the tablet can be propped up without accessories. She also utilizes the Office Suite, including OneNote to stay organized. True, the iPad now has some of the Microsoft Office programs, but not all of them. Microsoft Office on iPad is simply not as full-featured as the full version found on Surface. In this case, it seems she has the right tool for the job.

After watching the video, do you think Ashlee made a good choice? Tell me in the comments.

Photo Credit: CREATISTA / Shutterstock

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