The top five technologies driving the internet of things

Smartwatch home automation

We're hearing more and more about the internet of things at the moment, but what are the technologies that are doing most to make it a reality?

Entrepreneur’s group TiE Global has produced an infographic highlighting industry insights and predictions for the top internet of things technologies for this year.

It names the five key technologies making the IoT a reality as smartwatches, the automated home, health and fitness tracking, connected retail, and virtual and augmented reality. Some of these like smartwatches, and fitness tracking are heading towards the mainstream. Others like augmented reality -- Google Glass for example -- have yet to fully take off but are likely to have a big impact when they become available to consumers.

Connected retail systems, allowing you to pay with your mobile phone using NFC for example, are predicted to account for 19 percent of retail sales by 2016. Automated home technology has started off slowly but the market is expected to be worth over $35 million by 2016.

You can read more on the infographic below.


Image Credit: lucadp / Shutterstock

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