Finally! Task and todo list manager Any.Do gains a web app

Today is a day of celebration for fans of Any.Do -- the todo list and task manager for iOS, Android and Chrome. Some four years after its inception -- and after many, many demands from the service's user base -- Any.Do has, at long, long last, gained a web app. Founders Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld, and Itay Kahana have successfully avoided a brouhaha from users by finally delivering what they describe as "the number one most requested feature by our users".

Any.Do has proved incredibly successful on mobile platforms -- as well as in Google's web browser -- amassing more than 10 million users. Perchik says: "Web is a huge market we haven't even touched yet. There's a world of people who haven't considered us because they need a full web experience, right on their computer screens" of the launch. "We're conquering mobile, now it's time to break out in a broader market".

The move to the web from mobile device is the reverse of the route taken by many services, but it means that people using Any.Do to keep their lives in order can now do so from their web browser as well as through the app. The online interface is sparse yet effective, much like the mobile apps, and offers a selection of views that allows for tasks to be grouped by project or due date. There's Planning Mode for getting tasks organized across folders, and Focus Mode for homing in on what's coming up in your schedule.

Sign up for the web app by paying a visit to the new page.

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