WinPatrol tweaks cookie management, adds Pale Moon support


BillP Studios has released WinPatrol 31.0.2014, a minor refresh of its Windows snapshot-based security tool. WinPatrol monitors key system areas for changes, alerting the user to program attempts to make significant alterations.

Despite the jump to version 31, the latest release is a relatively minor one, with the most significant changes made to its browser-monitoring SQLite database.

The SQLite database change, which is used to monitor Firefox and Chrome, sees WinPatrol include the source code for the SQLite3.DLL library. This gives BillP more control over accessing data while also allowing it to remove unused code to optimize performance through reduced memory usage.

A related change in version 31.0.2014 is the added support for the Pale Moon browser, which is a custom-built version of Firefox optimized for performance. WinPatrol can now detect the browser to enable it to manage the browser’s cookies.

Other changes are more minor: the Scotty Notification area icon has been redesigned, removing the blue orb icon and replacing it with a traditional Scotty dog icon on a yellow tile background. This is accompanied by more easily visible Start menu icons for the program.

The Safe Update button adds support for showing version information for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Microsoft Security Essentials, while the program’s communication with the WinPatrol servers during a severe system attack has been optimised to further reduce its bandwidth usage.

WinPatrol 31.0.2014 is available now as a free, function-limited download for PCs running Windows XP or later. A Plus version with additional functionality is also available, with prices starting from $29.95 (single user, unlimited computers) to $49.95 (whole family license).

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