Logitech protection+ case for iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 -- sexy durability


For a tech nerd, there is nothing more fun than getting a new smartphone. When you get that little box home and carefully open it, it is like reliving Christmas as a child. For some, the contents of the box is just a smartphone, but to others like me and you, it is pure magic.

Sadly, smartphones can be a bit fragile -- dropping it on the concrete or other surface can crack the screen or make the device inoperable. This would be like a child witnessing Santa Claus' sleigh crashing into a tree and turning into a fireball on Christmas Eve -- a nightmare. Of course, you can get a case to protect it, but many of them are bulky and ugly. If you have a beautiful iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5, the last thing you want to do is make it unattractive. No worries, Logitech is once again here to save the day with the beautiful protection+ case for both of those phones.


"The protection+ case features a hard polycarbonate body with impact-resistant polymers in each corner that mitigate damage from impacts by absorbing shocks and dissipating them across the surface of your case. Additionally, tucked inside its polycarbonate shell, the case has impact channels and a layer of thermoplastic rubber to further absorb vibrations. For added assurance, Logitech protection+ exceeds the US Military drop-test standard (MIL-STD 810 G) for 'rugged' devices, protecting your phone from drops up to 1.8 meters high", says Logitech.


Ariel Fischer, director of smartphone accessories at Logitech explains, "our smartphones take quite a beating. We designed the Logitech protection+ to give you peace of mind disguised in a great looking protective case that absorbs the daily shocks your phone experiences".

Besides being super sexy and military drop-test tested, the case has another trick up its sleeve -- a metal plate embedded on the back. Why? Magnets of course! The protection+ case can connect to Logitech's magnetic-based automotive mount accessories, the +drive and +trip. These accessories allow you to position the phone on your dashboard/windshield or air-vent -- pretty nifty, I must say.

It will be in the following colors

·  Scarlett Plum (available for Samsung Galaxy S5 AND iPhone 5s)

·  Gunmetal Black (available for Samsung Galaxy S5 AND iPhone 5s)

·  Winter White (available ONLY for Samsung Galaxy S5)

The protection+ case will be available for $34.99, the +trip will cost $29.99 and the +drive will be $49.99 -- not at all unreasonable. If you are interested, you will be able to buy them in the USA and Europe this upcoming August. Will you buy? Tell me in the comments.

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