Chromebooks going back to school in new ad

Samsung Chromebook

Google is making an ever increasing amount of inroads with the education sector. Chromebooks have been finding new homes in many schools over the past year, with institutions either purchasing the devices for students or requiring them to attend with one.

Google is not above taking advantage of this momentum by using it in new advertising, and is doing exactly that with a new video that seems made for TV.

The spot is a standard 30-second clip and is completely set to music, only showing young people having fun and featuring Chromebooks. It's not entirely geared toward school, but more life in general -- though it does show a hallway of lockers. It also prominently displays pricing at the end, proclaiming you can get in on action for as low as $199. It makes sure to point out that laptops are "for everyone".

The Chromebook platform may not be for everyone, but it has become an increasingly better product with an ever-growing array of functionality. In fact, it has become my primary computer throughout the day. However, depending on individual use, some people may not be able to make do.

Check out the ad, which we've included below. There are also a couple of half-length versions, perhaps geared toward pre-roll for YouTube and the like.

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