Which people make the best remote bosses?

Work from home

It's reckoned that more than 60 percent of employers offer some form of remote working in order to increase employee satisfaction and retention rates.

But what type of boss makes for a harmonious telecommuting experience? Online forms specialist Formstack has put together an infographic evaluating the traits of different types of manager and how they lend themselves to working with remote teams.

It has created five fictional personalities and looked at how their personalities lend themselves to working from home -- or not. It's all a bit tongue-in-cheek but there are some serious statistics too, like the fact that 69 percent of remote workers report having reduced stress levels. Also that in one experiment 50 percent of those who tried home working ended up asking to go back to the office, one of the reasons being that they were lonely.

You can view the full infographic below and find out which character you, or your boss, is most like. If you think you're a Miranda Priestly, a Michael Scott or any of the others let us know in the comments.


Image Credit: FuzzBones / Shutterstock

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