Spotify plans new video ads for its 30 million customers


Customers can opt to subscribe to music streaming service Spotify, but many elect for the free version which is ad supported. Now those ads will get a bit more visible as "Spotify for Brands" takes shape with new offerings being introduced.

The new service comes in two versions called Sponsored Sessions and Video Takeover. This isn't quite as intrusive as it may sound at first. In fact, there is actually some benefit to the users. "Spotify Free users can opt in to watch a brand-sponsored video spot (aka a Sponsored Session) in exchange for 30 minutes of uninterrupted music", explains Spotify's Candice Katz.

Meanwhile, companies can sponsor ads on customers' desktops using the Video Takeover service. Spotify promises that brands will get complete control over their ads.

"Our audience is incredibly engaged so we are delivering an advertising experience that enhances their time spent on Spotify and connects them to the music and brands they love”, says Jeff Levick, Spotify’s Chief Business Officer.

The campaign is launching with several partners, including Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald’s, NBC Universal Pictures, Kraft/Mondelez, Nike, Sprint, Target and Wells Fargo.

While ads can feel intrusive, it's the price we generally pay for free services -- companies have to earn revenue or they go away. So try to look at this move in the best possible light.

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