Anvisoft releases 1-click repair tool PC Plus

Anvisoft PC Plus

Anvisoft has released PC Plus, a simple tool which provides one-click solutions for 30 common PC problems.

The issues include missing desktop icons, Internet Explorer crashes, assorted DLL error messages, can’t run Task Manager or Regedit, 3D games not running full screen, and more, all organized across five categories: Desktop, Network, System, Software, Games.

As with similar applications, PC Plus is aimed at the total novice. There’s no need to understand or troubleshoot the problem, at least in theory: just choose the issue that matches your symptoms, click "Fix", and the program applies the appropriate tweaks.

While this seems like a reasonable idea, PC Plus has a few issues.

The program home page lists items like "Chrome crashed" and "Wireless network issue", for example, but those descriptions are vague in the extreme, and if you check the Software and Network sections then it’s not clear which -- if any -- of the fixes will help.

There’s also no "Undo" option. The program doesn’t create a Restore Point before making any changes, either. And the English translation could use a little work ("shortcut cannot recognized and unavailable").

Despite that, PC Plus can already fix a few problems easily enough, and there’s no reason its own issues can’t be resolved within days. We’ll be interested to see how it develops.

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