Girl Scouts launch Digital Cookie -- buy Thin Mints and Do-si-dos online without shame


As a fat guy, I am an easy mark for the Girl Scouts. When they knock on my door and ask me if I want to buy cookies, that question is rhetorical; of course I want them! Heck, they don't only get me at home, but in public too. Coming out of the grocery store, they will often be camping out for sales. There too, I gladly buy a box of cookies, feeling ashamed as I walk to my car.

I can't speak for all fat people, but myself and others may feel embarrassed to buy cookies, when we are already so out of shape. Yes, it is for a good cause, but you imagine people seeing you buy them, and judging you; perhaps rightfully so. Today, however, this changes as the Girl Scouts are going online with Digital Cookie; you will soon be able to buy the cookies directly online. In other words, I can buy Thin Mints and Do-si-dos without shame or judgment.

"With Digital Cookie, customers will be able to buy Girl Scout Cookies through two separate digital sales platforms, depending on their market area. Some girls will market their online cookie business by inviting customers via email to visit their personalized cookie websites. There, consumers can order cookies from the comfort of their living room. Other girls will take in-person orders using a unique mobile app newly enhanced to allow for credit card processing and direct shipping, in addition to directing customers to a non-personalized website where cookies can be purchased", says Girl Scouts.

The organization further explains, "additionally, Digital Cookie emphasizes the safety of both girls and customers. Girls and their caregivers take an Internet safety pledge before using the web-based platform, and caregivers must approve all updates and changes girls make when customizing their Digital Cookie site. Girls using the mobile platform will adhere to the same safety standards as those participating in traditional Girl Scout Cookie sales".

All joking aside about fat people buying cookies, this is a great way to teach girls about the Internet and online commerce. Quite frankly, going door to door can be dangerous, as you never know what kind of weirdo is lurking inside. Parents can now share links on social media too, rather than bombarding friends and family with an old-school paper order form.

Will you order your Girl Scout cookies online? Tell me in the comments.

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