Microsoft's Bing helps book-lovers find New York Times best-sellers


Human beings are bombarded with too many options nowadays. Whenever I hear someone say they are bored, I just want to shake them; we live in an exciting time where there is essentially an infinite amount of multimedia at our fingertips. Between TV, movies, music and books, not a second of your day should be empty.

Unfortunately, the problem with having so many options, is actually narrowing them down to one. Whenever I decide to buy a new book, I fire up my Kindle and explore. You know what happens? I can't decide on what to download! An easy way to stay on top of the most popular and relevant books is to check the New York Times Best Seller List. Today, Microsoft announces that Bing can now help you search for best-sellers.

"If your resolution is to read more, you’re going to love the newest Bing feature: the best-sellers carousel. Search on best-sellers in categories including fiction, non-fiction, even manga, and the New York Times best-sellers list will appear at the top of the page. Books are ranked by The New York Times based on weekly or monthly sales data", says The Bing Team.

The team further explains, "click on individual titles to find out more about each book. We'll refresh the carousel as the best-seller lists change, so come back when you’re ready to add new titles to your reading list".


Bing suggests searching for the following terms:

True, there are plenty of quality books that never make it to the New York Times Best Seller List; sales do not necessarily equate to quality. With that said, many people just want to read the latest popular books so they can discuss them with friends or family -- there is nothing wrong with that. For them, this new Bing feature is a godsend.

What recent books do you recommend I read? Tell me in the comments.

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