Toshiba releases its first DVR for 960H resolution security cameras


Home security is always in demand, and many people pay to have alarms systems installed and monitored. These systems can call the police when intrusion is detected or the fire company if there's smoke. Cameras are one of the newer additions to this home arsenal, though they've been around for a while. However, they come with an added complication -- the recording and saving of the video. After all, it's useless if you can't see what happened.

For this recording of video, you generally have two options -- a DVR or the cloud. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The DVR is obviously local and allows for more control and less chance of your video being hacked. Now Toshiba is looking to provide you with that solution, announcing the new EAV16-480 DVR, built for 960H resolution cameras.

"Configured with 16 channels, the EAV16-480 records at frame rates up to 480fps and supports the latest ultra-high resolution 960H analog cameras. Although analog, 960H cameras produce an image similar in quality to a one-megapixel IP camera. Their 960 horizontal by 480 vertical pixels resolution is 34 percent larger than D1 (720 x 480) and more than 500 percent larger than CIF (360 x 240), allowing the cameras to capture more scene details and making subjects easier to identify by police and security staff", Toshiba announces.

Capacity isn't entirely clear, as Toshibs simply states that it can hold several days of video and audio. It does feature Toshiba's SCS Video Management system which allows for both local and internet access to the recordings. There are also apps for iOS and Android which will allow you to access the footage.

There is no mention made of pricing or availability date, so we'll have to wait on further news. You can head for the Toshiba Security site to keep tabs on those things when they become known.

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