The top four places your data is at risk

at risk

We all worry about protecting our information, but how do we know which activities or locations are most likely to put it in jeopardy?

Digital rights management company Seclore has produced an infographic showing the four places where your data is most at risk. Unsurprisingly perhaps some of these are areas where you have the least control.

Third parties are a particular worry. The Home Depot breach in 2014 saw details of 5.6 million credit cards stolen. Yet it seems businesses still haven’t learned the lesson, with only 32 percent of vendors having security certifications.

Mobile is a risk too with 113 phones lost or stolen every minute in the US alone and 86 percent of mobile apps lacking adequate security. The cloud is also a worry with 71 percent of IT professionals believing their cloud service providers wouldn’t alert them to a breach involving customer data.

Email is a bigger threat than you might think too with 88 percent of companies having experienced some sort of data loss via email. Each email is copied an average of six times thanks to team collaboration increasing the risk of exposure.

You can view the full infographic below.


Photo Credit: D.R.3D/Shutterstock

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