Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge get pre-installed Intel Security protection

virusscan-mobileSamsung surprised many yesterday, when it revealed not one new flagship device, but two -- the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Both devices are drop-dead gorgeous, although the Edge is more so. If you decide to buy either phone, it is highly recommended that you buy a durable case.

If you protect the hardware from damage, why not the inside too? Android is more open than iOS, and even if you stick to the Play Store, malware can still reach your device. Don't panic, however, as Samsung has wisely partnered with Intel Security to pre-load its anti-malware solution, McAfee VirusScan Mobile, on these new phones.

"The threat of complex hacks continues to expand as the world becomes even more connected as mobile devices become pervasive. From the 'celebgate' attack that leaked photos of many popular celebrities, to mobile spyware, attacks on IoT devices, and the growth of mobile payments, the vulnerabilities to mobile devices and potential risks are greater than ever. According to a new report by McAfee Labs, mobile malware, which includes viruses, as well as malicious apps and URLs, increased by 14 percent during the fourth quarter of 2014. The report also found that the infection rate for mobile malware has increased significantly, with at least 8 percent of all systems reporting an infection since Q4 2013", says Intel Security.

Henry Lee, VP of Security R&D, Samsung Mobile Communications Division explains, "with the pre-installed security solution, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users will have the latest anti-malware technology already built in and activated on their new devices. We are working closely with partners to offer first grade security solutions so consumers feel safe and secure in the digital world".

I know what you are thinking, this is bloatware right? Well, it depends on how you look at it. McAfee-branded solutions are much better under Intel's watch, so this should be a useful app. It is hard to call something designed for safety and protection bloat; that should be reserved for games and cheesy carrier apps.

Are you glad that Samsung is proactively protecting users, or is this just bloatware? Tell me in the comments.

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