Does it boil? Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 in hot water


The Galaxy S6 has been subjected to a number of different stress tests since it hit shelves, including full-on bend tests, and simple drop tests -- plus being run over by a car in one case, which it survived and still remained usable.

And here’s another -- this time, the Galaxy S6’s foe is boiling water, which it’s being dipped into alongside an iPhone 6. So which handset will be able to stand the boiling heat for longest?

That’s the question the below video answers (spotted by Uber Gizmo). Click play and watch to find out…

The iPhone 6 only lasted 10 seconds before the screen started to rapidly dim, and then the lights went completely out at about the 13 second mark. The Galaxy S6 continued to boil away until 55 seconds, when it shut down the stopwatch timer, with a warning about overheating the device (unsurprisingly) -- but it still kept going for not far off another minute before appearing to give up.

The end result was a pair of wrecked phones (again, unsurprisingly), though oddly enough the Apple logo does come back on the iPhone 6 display post-test, briefly, before the handset goes completely dead again.

So, if you do happen to drop your Galaxy S6 in boiling water somehow, as long as you can fish it out without too much delay, it should be okay. Not that this is remotely likely to happen -- but it does go to show just how tough a phone the S6 is, particularly when you consider that it (or the iPhone) is not waterproof like, say, the Xperia Z3

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