Microsoft begins advertising Windows 10, gives users a quick option to reserve free upgrade

Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 -- at least some versions of it -- this summer. The company hasn’t announced a specific release date yet, but it has apparently started to notify people about the impending release of its forthcoming operating system.

As a user on Reddit notes, the Redmond-based company has started to roll out what appears to be the first push ad of Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.x users. As seen in the screenshot above, the company is reminding users that Windows 10 will come as a free upgrade to them, and is also giving them an option to 'reserve' it. Opting into this will essentially initiate an automatic download once Windows 10 becomes available. The final version of Windows 10 will weigh around 3GB, the notification reads.


The advertisement seems to be appearing for users who recently installed the optional update dubbed KB3035583. Those of you who find the ad annoying, can simply uninstall that particular update.

Meanwhile, Newegg recently began to accept pre-orders of two versions of Windows 10, unwittingly also revealing the price information. The online retail store lists Windows 10 Home at $109.99, and Windows 10 Professional at $149.99. Of course if you have a legit copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 (or 8.1 or 8.1 Update), Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for you. The listing also reveals that Windows 10 will begin shipping on August 31.

22 Responses to Microsoft begins advertising Windows 10, gives users a quick option to reserve free upgrade

  1. Tanya Toft says:

    I'm not even going to upgrade to Windows 10, who is with me?! I recently picked up FREE software at and now my computer is running as though it's brand new after doing a pretty fast scan, and at this time there is no point in getting and relearning an entirely new OS when I don't have to. Even though Windows 10 is free (thanks for that one Microsoft) , it’s going to have to take up a ton of space on my computer to install an ENTIRELY new Operating System. I know how tiring it can be to use your computer system when you are loading slow on every website, but since I don't have that problem anymore I don't need windows 10.

  2. Vitaly Zayko says:

    I uninstalled KB3035583 but got it back immediately because my WU settings allow to install automatically. So if you want to get it rid forever, you should switch to manual updates and disable this KB.

    • nilst2011 says:

      Always choose:"Search for updates but let me choose when to download and install them". And always read about all updates that aren't stated as Framework.NET or anything else very clear. Mark an update and click the upper link to the right of each update and read about them because many can be ignored (hide : right click and choose hide). Never use automatic update, You risk to get drivers that won't work, or updates that aren't for Your language at all. Nobody know what all these unnecassary updates, combined, can do to a system.

      • barely_normal says:

        Best to wait a full week before installing anything from the halls of Redmond, as they are not too good at pre-testing things.

        Also, many of the descriptions given by Microsoft are downright cagey, specifically NOT mentioning what the stated purpose is.

      • illiad says:

        yes, the very first question I ask when a customer says his "PC is not working right" is has he just updated...

        My win 7 has not been updated for years... But then, I never use IE or any other crap.. just Firefox and Gmail... :)

    • barely_normal says:

      If you noticed, the first time it appeared, it was classified as IMPORTANT. I did not install the first time, after determining what it was. I HID the update, and it later reappeared, which something HIDDEN by the user should not ever do. The second time it cam back as RECOMMENDED, as Microsoft had been shown as less than honest about the content of the update.

  3. Eric Sleeper says:

    I love how media is calling this an ad and not just an upgraded notice. So when my iPad or Android pops up and says there is a new OS version to download - is that an ad now too?

    Its nicely done (easy on the eyes, right to the point). I would like to know that options are under the hamburger menu, as well as the next few screens and options. And the bigger question, as I'm all Windows 10 right now, how to I get my free upgrade. If I am forced to reinstall Windows 8, and perform an upgrade to 10, I'll just buy Windows 10 (just to reduce future stress of re-doing my PC).

    • illiad says:

      what 'english' are you speaking??? when your android says

      " new jfsdj software available! do you want to download it?? ( YES / NO )"

      You have a CHOICE!! so it is an advert to do something..

      If you DO NOT have a choice, it is an upgrade..

    • barely_normal says:

      It's an ad, by anyone who is fair in their assessment. And, it was subterfuge to put it as an IMPORTANT update, only rescinded and reclassified as RECOMMENDED once it was discovered what it was, and the cat was out of the bag.

      Once again, it proves Microsoft is, many times, less than forthright in their dealings with customers --- Is it any wonder so many distrust them?

  4. Hall9000 says:

    I actually did reserve the upgrade. Since it also included the option to refuse it it gives me time to see what happens until then. Or, depending on what the hell buying the operating system, as in Win10 pro implies, I will decide what happens.

    Oh, by the way, I checked Newegg, both Canadian and American sites and I didn't see the ad for Win10 except about it being a free upgrade.

    • barely_normal says:

      WHY? Even if you've already decided to do the update, where is the benefit to doing it much before the end of the defined year of possibility? It is clear much will change, both because they have painted themselves into a corner with the release date, and with the usual number of bugs not quashed in every Microsoft major release.

      I am not criticizing here, I simply wonder what benefit you see. It seems to me that waiting until near the cutoff also allows your machine to avoid much of the cruft that comes with the many updates where old code is squirreled away, taking up HD space.

      • Hall9000 says:

        Good points but still, prove to me you know exactly what M$ will do when "their time" comes. Either we will pay for ever, either we wont. What if you buy the actual license+disk? The page on M$'s website is written with Heisenberg ink! So, what's one to do? I guess that one incentive is security. This one makes me go in fits of laughter. There isn't one version of windows that hasn't been cracked, copied, virused, trojaned.

        But then there is also innovation. In this case it's rather terrifying because it certainly doesn't include any kind of aesthetics. I now have a machine that has enough power to make lots of people get wet with envy but M$ has deemed that Aero was too much to have as an option. What? Too much sugar? So, now it has dumbed down the interface to a point that even an abacus would be enough to run windows10. Today we don't have programs for windows anymore, we have apps. Yeah right. Let's blur the line as to what a desk phone is or maybe a lap phone, or, why not, a smart desk? See?

        So I'm using Win8.1. I use Startmenux for the start button that is now an Angy bird. LOL I navigate through my computer with Rocket Dock. Instant access to C drive and all the folders, pictures, documents, etc. All without having to deal with the fugly tiles.

        There are functions that are still harder to find now. Never ask an operating system designer how it should work. He believes everyone will see how simple his creature is. If people start screaming it isn't he will believe people are dumb. Meanwhile he walks around with concrete ear plugs. After all, let them eat cake?

        Anyway, there is, like I said somewhere above innovation, and also, above all, being able to get the latest software out there. Compatible with win95 just doesn't cut it anymore. Is windows8.1 usable? Yes. Enjoyable? No.

        But I still have the choice when the time comes to get or not to get TrapDoor10 when it comes out. If I do go for it it will be on my own terms.

      • barely_normal says:

        What I meant SPECIFICALLY is that Microsoft has stated that it will be a free upgrade, under stated conditions, for a year after release - so, if they can be held accountable for their statement, there is no reason to do it until it will no longer be free - avoiding growing pains and frustration.

        Also, two thumbs up for StartMenuX. I use it on Windows 7, as I did not like the Windows 7 menus one bit. I think they are more stupid than the Start page. I like drill-down hierarchical menus, like Windows 95 through Vista, thank you.

        What I find nice about the product is that it allows me to be me, but others to adjust to THEIR tastes, gee...I wonder who might benefit from THAT kind of thinking. Anyone we know?

      • Hall9000 says:

        What M$ has stated is as certain as the Eisenberg principle. So, who knows what they will say when the time comes to upgrade or not. It still doesn't answer my question. What will happen for the people who actually bought the disk and license after one year? Like I said above, at the moment you have the updates/maintenance for free.

        The reason I went for the reserve is simply because I could! It still doesn't mean I will upgrade.

      • barely_normal says:

        OK, though it is Heisenberg (Uncertainty) Principle.

      • Hall9000 says:

        I wasn't sure I had it right. LOL

  5. barcodezero says:

    Windows10 has adware/spyware built in, thats why its free now, Microsoft's new business model is to collect and sell all your info to advertisers and show you ads built right in to the OS, and thats not all, with windows 10 you wont have any control over windows updates all updates are FORCED now, you cant delay hide, disable or postpone them.
    you also wont be able to uninstall or remove many "apps" that also have FORCED advertising in them. also there are less settings and much less ability to customize anything in windows 10. Windows 10 also begins the shift to "windows as a service", where you will eventually have to pay a monthly Windows bill to use your own computer or to have access to your data that is on it. i know all this because i tested it, beware!

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