What is Windows Hello all about?


Microsoft has talked about a lot of the new features of Windows 10, but something that has only really been mentioned in passing is Windows Hello. A couple of weeks ago we showed you a video of the security feature in action and now a new animated ad has been unearthed that shows the benefits the security feature brings.

Unlike the other videos we've shared in recent days, this video is not one that Microsoft has officially released -- not yet at least. If you're still in the dark about Windows Hello, check it out to find out more.

This animated video is something of a departure from the style Microsoft has used so far. It introduces the "more personal, more secure way to unlock your Windows 10 devices" with a fun, cartoony look. Interestingly, the character at the center of the video is presented as a geek -- as Microsoft is trying to give Windows 10 a broad appeal, this could explain why the footage is yet to be officially promoted.

The video was shared by Richard Hay from SuperSite for Windows and it demonstrates the fingerprint scanning, and facial and iris recognition that can be used to lock down a computer.

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