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The Windows 10 launch date is now little more than two and a half weeks away. While a lot of people have tried out the various preview builds that have been made available, the majority of people upgrading will be doing so with little to no knowledge of what to expect. Ahead of Microsoft's most important operating system launch for years, Lenovo has published a user guide that will help bring you up to speed.

Quite a lot has changed or been added since Windows 8.1, so there's much to learn. For those people who decided to stick with Windows 7 -- and there are many, many such people -- the jump is even bigger. Lenovo's guide serves as an excellent starting point for learning about what's new, how things work, and what's different. Think Windows 10 101: introducing the Start menu, Action Center, and more.

The 'Starting to use Windows 10' guide is for Lenovo customers, but the 23 page PDF can be downloaded by anyone who's looking for a quick introduction to the operating system. As Windows 10 is still to reach RTM stage, Lenovo has worked with one of the preview builds -- it's possible to make out the desktop watermark in the screenshots -- but everything should still be accurate. (Somewhat more up to date, by the way, is the image at the top of this post. This is a Windows 10 retail boxshot as revealed by WinFuture).

Divided up into six chapters, this is certainly not Windows 10: The Missing Manual, but it's not supposed to be. It's a quick-start guide that covers the essentials so those who have not yet tried Windows 10 do not feel completely lost.

Grab your free copy of the PDF from the Lenovo website.

Image credit: WinFuture

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