Samsung shows us what's new in Android Marshmallow [Infographic]


OK... for now it's still Android M, but there have been sufficient rumors and hints for us to safely guess that the follow up to Lollipop will be called Marshmallow*. Google has started to tease us with videos, and Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ which will be in line for an Android M update in due course.

But it's not just handsets that Samsung has produced. The company has also put together a handy infographic that highlights some of the new features of Android. Just what is in store? Quite a lot, actually.

* Of course, we could be wrong. Few people guessed that KitKat would be called KitKat, with most assuming that the K stood for Key Lime Pie. Hints may have been dropped that M is for Marshmallow, but it's entirely conceivable that these have been nothing more than red herrings.

Android's much-maligned permissions system has been given an overhaul, and memory management has also been improved. App data and settings are now automatically backed up to the cloud, and fingerprint access can be used on supported handsets for security.

It won’t been long until you can get your hands on the official release of Android M -- you can use the developer preview for now if you like -- but in the meantime, content yourself with the infographic: (click for the full size version):


Photo credit: Texturis / Shutterstock

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