A major snowstorm is heading up the US east coast, what should you do?


Unless you are living under a rock then you likely know that there is a major winter storm moving up the US eastern seaboard. There are the usual dire predictions of doom and gloom, though we've heard those before, only to have them not turn out quite true.

The worst case scenario is fairly bad, with blizzard warnings posted across several states and dire claims of possible power outages. So what do you plan to do if you live in the path of this possible super storm?

There are the obvious safety issues -- food and water are the big ones. Food is an interesting thing, as people tend to race for bread and milk and those are certainly necessities, but they also don't last long. Perhaps canned goods and pastas may be a better idea? Then again, let's face it, you aren't going to be inside for a month anyway.

Aside from the obvious necessities of food and water there are batteries. By all means check your flashlights to make sure they are operational and perhaps have backups around.

Now we get to the electronics that have become such a big part of our lives in this era. The important things to know are that you need your electronics fully charged -- tablets and phones alike. If you have backup batteries then make sure those are also charged.

So far today I have fully charged one phone, four tablets, two backup batteries (Hyperjuice and Gorilla Gadgets) and a Kindle -- with no internet or TV, books are a bigger necessity than usual. Though, you should always read. I also purchased an additional Kindle book in case I finish the one I'm on.

There are other items, though it's a bit late to purchase them. For instance, I have a Smartcharge bulb which will still be operational during a power outage.

What devices are you using to prepare for the big event?

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