Windows 10 hits 18 percent usage share in the enterprise


Windows 10 is doing great. Despite various problems, security and privacy issues people have had with its virtual assistant Cortana, the adoption rate of Microsoft’s latest operating system has been quite impressive.

According to the latest studies done by Spiceworks, 18 percent of businesses are currently using Windows 10. The predictions are saying that 40 percent of businesses are expected to upgrade by July this year, when Windows 10 celebrates its first birthday. The operating system seems to be on good course, as the penetration has increased seven percent since October last year.

Besides doing great on its own, Windows is also doing much better than its predecessors, the report suggests. Windows 10 took half a year to reach 200 million devices. Windows 7 took a full year, while Windows 8 needed more than 15 months to reach the same goal.

In terms of the penetration rate in the enterprise, Spiceworks has compared Windows 10 to Windows 8. Windows 8 had a 9.3 percent penetration rate, six months after the launch, while Windows 10 has double the rate.

As one might expect, the best penetration rate is in North America, where Windows 10 is "well above" the worldwide baseline of 18 percent, Spiceworks says.

The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region falls in line with the overall average, while Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions "significantly" lag behind.

The full report can be found on this link.

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