How to install and use extensions in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Extensions screen

Starting in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291, Microsoft has introduced a selection of extensions for its Edge browser.

While the software giant promises that popular add-ons like AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, and Evernote are on their way, it’s launched the feature with three rather less-exciting offerings -- Mouse Gestures, Microsoft Translator and an early version of Reddit Enhancement Suite.

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Getting extensions up and running in Edge is currently a matter of clicking the ellipses () button at the top right and then clicking Extensions and choosing to Get extensions. A developer resources page will open, and you’ll then need to click the Download extensions button.

Browse the extensions on offer (as there’s only three it won’t take long) and then click the Download button for the one you want. Select Run from the download notification, then click the ellipses in Edge again and select Extensions > Load extension. Select the extension you saved in the Downloads and click Select Folder.

The extension will load and appear as enabled in the sidebar. The Mouse Gestures one also shows shown some information about it in a new tab.


Hover your mouse over an extension to access its settings. For most you’ll just be able to remove unwanted add-ons, although Mouse Gestures also lets you add a button next to the address bar.

It’s reasonably easy to set up extensions, although in the future it will be even simpler as Microsoft intends to offer add-ons through the Windows Store.

What do you think of Edge’s extension support so far?

15 Responses to How to install and use extensions in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

  1. barely_normal says:

    Lots of promises, not much delivery...the new Microsoft, same as the old Microsoft, with an additional helping of greed and stupidity.

    If this were such an excellent browser, then why not compile it for Win32, or would that show its flaws immediately?

    • FightTheGoodFight says:

      "why not compile it for Win32?" It's a UWP, it also runs on xbox. How do you not get that?

      Can you post anything but FUD?

      Have you made your switch to OS2 warp/eComStation yet? How much will that OS cost you?

      • barely_normal says:

        Clearly you are far too stupid to know what FUD is. Why compile for Win32? - So that MOST of the people using Windows can be in awe of their accomplishment /s and the rest of the browser developers can simply quit, knowing they've been shown up by the superior minds at Microsoft /s

        Why, are you interested in using it too? Perhaps we can get a massdrop going.

      • ATL_VM says:

        >>Clearly you are far too stupid to know what FUD is<<

        We know do YOU? I don't think so since you keep posting crap that only YOU believe..

        He is right all you know is FUD, you can't post anything without adding more crap to it.. you ramble and your non-sense is just idiotic.. you are incapable of simple question answer.

    • ATL_VM says:

      you should change your name to barely_intelligent, because you are anything but. You ask the DUMBEST questions ever.. and the way you explain basically shows how incompetent you are.

      We are supposed to move FORWARD not backwards like your thinking.

      Why would MS go BACK to Win32? huh? Do you even STOP for one second BEFORE making your usual dimwit remarks? it doesn't look like it.

      Not even sure what you mean by lots of promises.. what promises has MS made, these are TECH articles not written by MS, they hear things, they (the editorial journalists and writers) TELL you what's going on.. MS makes NO promises, they are putting out code, people test and give them feedback about what they like and then MAYBE MS might release..

      LEARN how to interpret WHO is telling you information.. it won't make you smarter (because no chance of that happening) but maybe you will be one step closer to NOT giving other people bad info.. like same old MS.. no actually it's NOT 4th CEO in over 40 years.. lots of people have come and gone, but like your simpleton lame brain attitude about technology you are CLUELESS about the world, and you should just STFU for everyone's sake because you are a walking treasure trove of ignorance and sheer incompetence.

      • barely_normal says:

        You seem to feel that spewing your garbage will somehow vindicate your position. Instead, it shows how poorly your thought processes are working.

        Win32 is the DOMINANT build model for Windows. If you don't see the wisdom of doing this, you should apply for a job at Microsoft, for you are the same level of blockhead they now have working in their topmost levels.

        Big money for you if you can convince them you're at their level of stupid.!!!

        The implied promise of something new being necessarily better seems to have escaped you - but it's alright, it escaped them too.

        If you think that the CEO completely defines the shape of a company, then again, you should apply for the top job, because you already show the proper signs of stupidity, hubris, and an inability to interpret what the rest of the world sees as something to be reviled as good.

        You're ready for that promotion, all you need is your plane ticket and the stamp that shows your cretin IQ on your forehead.

      • Simone Ghezzi says:

        Win32 is the dominant build model, but Microsoft is shifting to a UWP/Store/App (or call it in whatever way you want) build model.
        What image they would give if Edge was written as Win32?
        At least they are giving an example for their future model

      • barely_normal says:

        I would call that image one that anyone with a brain would want to project. Metro apps are going to be a failure until enough stupid people who know no better arrive to use them.

        Those who think might wonder why, if everything about Metro was better, why Office [the full working version- not the sad limited imitator] is not delivered, to fanfare everywhere.

        Even MS knows you can't fool all the people, all the time.

        It's a future model for the dolts - nothing truly better than a Win32 product has been produced for Metro.

      • ATL_VM says:

        >>Those who think might wonder why, if everything about Metro was better, why Office<<

        Again you succumb to the media version, not what MS promotes, you are taking editorialized comments as the gospel, it's wrong. Metro was the UI for the OS.. not every app needs to keep the same UI.. dweeb..

        Once you get to the app you want what is the point of making it look the same?

        Your logic is too stupid even for you to keep up with.. You can't keep up with the proper conversation so you just include stuff that doesn't matter?


        If you can't dazzle with brilliance baffle them with bullshit.. you do this every time you post...

        Dance for me some more monkey.... c'mon..

      • ATL_VM says:

        >>Win32 is the DOMINANT build model for Windows<You're ready for that promotion, all you need is your plane ticket and the stamp that shows your cretin IQ on your forehead.<>You seem to feel that spewing your garbage will somehow vindicate your position<<

        Come back when you can STOP rambling and STAY on topic, or do you always feel the need to add on crap that wasn't part of the conversation to begin with?

    • roborat says:

      If this were such an excellent browser, then why not compile it for Win32

      LOL! You mean make it like the Internet Explorer that is already available pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs?

      or would that show its flaws immediately?
      No, it shows the flaws of running Win32 application. If you knew the security benefits of running apps in a sandbox environment, you wouldn't have asked such a silly question.

      • barely_normal says:

        If you knew the problems of keeping things running correctly in a sandbox, you would not be so quick to put everything there, simply to absolve individual writers of maintaining security for each program.

        Anyone thinking a sandbox environment is a panacea has rocks where brains should be.

        The freedom of Win32 far outweighs any security concern. What Metro does is simply give MS final control of everything - every step of the process. No one I know wants that, except for the simpletons [and MS of course], and they can use iOS, the OS designed for non-thinkers.

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  2. kokobill says:

    they will appear but not work, we can only look at them

  3. Dan Gates says:

    Maybe you guys calling each other stupid more often will make everything better.

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