Microsoft opens up the Windows 10 Feedback Hub to everyone, not just Insiders


Ever hungry for more user feedback, Microsoft has decided to make the Feedback Hub available for anyone to use. Previously only open to Windows Insiders, the tool gives Windows 10 users the opportunity to tell Microsoft exactly what they think about the company's latest operating system.

The Feedback Hub has been built into preview builds of Windows 10 for some time, but now the app is available to download from the Windows Store. With the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary Update just around the corner, it's clear that Microsoft is keen to gather as many comments and as much reaction as possible.

Nothing has changed in the app in its move from the Insider program to the mainstream, but it does now mean that Microsoft has the potential to gather feedback from hundreds of millions of users. In the preview builds that Insiders have been using, the feedback tool will frequently pester users to provide feedback about a particular feature of the operating system. It will be interesting to see if this behavior continues in the more widely available version and, if so, what the response will be.

The app itself is fairly self-explanatory, and Microsoft offers the following description:

Help us make Windows better! Provide feedback about Windows and apps by sharing your suggestions or problems. If you want to be even more involved, then join the Windows Insider program and keep up with the latest alerts and announcements, rate the builds, participate in feedback Quests, and earn badges.

If you're interested in telling Microsoft what you think without having to be part of the Insider program, head over to the Windows Store and download yourself a copy of the Feedback Hub app.

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