The human element still matters in marketing

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Marketers are constantly trying to find new ways of engaging with consumers with their message. But although technology is important there still needs to be a human angle.

Content creation specialists Ceros and Column Five have taken a look at the ways in which brands are experimenting with their content and using technology to help drive home their message.

Among their findings are that 70 percent of marketers believe interactive content is an effective way to engage audiences and that 61 percent of customers feel better about a brand after interacting with custom content.

Businesses therefore need to work on encouraging interaction. One of the ways to do this may be via virtual reality. The industry is projected to hit $1 billion by 2025, making it a huge potential marketing avenue for brands. There’s also a suggestion that the use of effective storytelling techniques like suspense can be an effective tool to engage customers.

The infographic is below and you can visit the interactive version, which explores a number of different successful campaigns, on the Column Five website.

Ceros human connection infographic

Image CreditKidsana Maimeetook / Shutterstock

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