66 percent of IT professionals admit to delaying migrations

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According to a new study carried out by cloud migration specialist Vision Solutions,  migrations are one of the major headaches faced by IT professionals.


So much so that 66 percent say they've delayed a migration. Plus, nearly 75 percent of all companies who performed a migration in 2015 say they were offline or experienced downtime for 48 hours or more.

Of the 935 professionals surveyed, 35 percent say that they lack the experience or the expertise to confidently perform a system migration. No surprise then that a worrying 44 percent of businesses experienced a migration failure in 2015. In addition, 57 percent of migrations need more than 25 staff hours to complete.

The top six reasons given for delaying migrations are: concerns over downtime, lack of resources, lack of planning, lack of expertise, absence of management support, and costs. Although cost features on the list, 70 percent of respondents say they have never analyzed the costs of downtime.

The migration survey was part of a larger study, the Vision Solutions' 8th Annual State of Resilience report which is available to download from the company's website. There's also a summary of the migration findings in infographic format below.

Vision migration infographic

Photo Credit: RAJ CREATIONZS/Shutterstock

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