Dario Health unveils Lightning connector diabetic glucose meter for iPhone 7


People with diabetes have to check their blood sugar often. Not only do they have to worry about high glucose levels, but low levels too. Having blood glucose outside of normal levels can cause long term health risks, but in the short term, it can cause symptoms like dizziness and confusion too.

Unfortunately, many glucose meters are fairly low-tech -- a far cry from modern devices. Luckily, there are newer meters that can connect to smartphones for improved blood sugar tracking. Dario Health offers an iPhone compatible model that leverages the headphone jack. The problem? Apple killed that port today. If you are upgrading to the iPhone 7, do not panic. Today, Dario Health announces a new meter that utilizes the Lightning connector.

The company explains that this glucose meter "is a personalized, pocket-sized, all-in-one digital glucose meter coupled with a mobile app to manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately. Using the technology and mobility of your smartphone, Dario connects to your mobile device and automatically logs your blood glucose measurements giving patients the ability to share their results with caregivers and physicians anywhere. There are additional food, emotional and environmental logs available to provide a holistic look at the individuals health".

You can see how it works in the video below. Keep in mind, the model in the video is the existing meter that uses the 3.5mm audio jack. The upcoming Lightning connector variant will work in the same way, just using the alternative port.

The concept is rather simple. With the app opened, the glucose meter plugs into the iPhone. Then, the user inserts a testing strip into the meter. Finally, the user pricks his or her finger to draw blood, which is then added to the strip. The iPhone 7 will then display the glucose level on the screen. The app can track and chart blood sugar levels over time.

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Unfortunately, this meter will not be available when the iPhone 7 first hits stores. Actually, it won't go on sale until Q1 of 2017. It is actually quite affordable however -- it will only be $39.99, including testing strips and lancets.

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