Algorithm-powered sorting comes to Google+ Communities


Just about all of the key players in social media have turned to algorithms to control the order in which posts appear in users' timelines. Google has already introduced algorithmic sorting for Google+, and now it is rolling out to Communities.

Just as with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the decision to move towards algorithms rather than a simple chronological timeline is one that will be divisive. But Google has made it easy to toggle the setting, helping to keep everyone happy.

The new approach to timelines in Communities brings the group section of Google+ in line with how users' timeline work. Once enabled, posts will be sorted according to relevance rather than time of posting, although Google has not revealed quite how relevance will be determined.

Announcing the change, Google says:

To make sure you never miss out on what's up, we're changing the way Community posts are displayed to show you the good stuff first.

Starting today, whenever you visit a Community, you'll see the most high quality, relevant posts up top, rather than the just the most recent ones. Of course, if you'd like to switch back to chronological view, it’s easy to do so from the Community Settings / Preferences menu.

The change is rolling out gradually, so you may not see the option straight away.

Photo credit:  Twin Design / Shutterstock

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