Google's new Safe Browsing site is home to malicious site reporting, transparency reports, and policies


Google today launches a revamped version of its Safe Browsing site, bringing a number of tools and services under one roof. The tag line for the site is "Making the world's information safely accessible," and Google makes much of fact that it now keeps more than two billion devices safe online -- desktop and Android, as well as devices running Google tools such as Chrome and Gmail.

One of the main purposes of the site is to make it easier for people to report malicious sites they encounter, so other internet users can be warned and protected. But the updated site is also home to additional information from Google, such as its Transparency Reports and company policies.

Google's Safe Browsing is used by a wide range of Google products, services and devices, including Android, Gmail, Chrome, and search. Since 2007, it has been used to protect against phishing attacks and other malicious activity, and the redesign and relaunch is part of a drive to make it more accessible and bring it to a wider audience.

While clearly something of a public relations move, Google's relaunched site also serves as a valuable central hub for related tools and information. Writing about the launch on the Google Security blog, Mike Castner and Brooke Heinichen from the Safe Browsing team say:

Today, we're happy to announce a new site for Safe Browsing that makes it easier for users to quickly report malicious sites, access our developer documentation, and find our policies. Our new site also serves as a central hub for our tools, including the Transparency ReportSearch Console, and Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators.

The new Safe Browsing website will be a platform for consolidated policy and help content. We're excited to make this new, single source of information available to users, developers, and webmasters.

Find out more at the Safe Browsing website.

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