Americans more concerned about online privacy and security than a year ago


New data released today shows that Americans are increasingly concerned about their online privacy and security, including apprehension about increased government surveillance in the new presidential administration.

The survey by secure access specialist AnchorFree of over 1,000 users of the company's Hotspot Shield personal VPN application reveals 84 percent say they are more concerned about their online privacy and security today than they were a year ago.

Among other findings are that 64 percent say they are more concerned about keeping personal information private today because of the new presidential administration. Also, 50 percent are more concerned about online privacy because of the increased number of connected technology devices that contain personal information.

In addition 49 percent say they are more concerned about their online security today because of recent large-scale email hacks such as that on Yahoo. State actions are a worry too with 36 percent identifying the recent alleged Russian cyber security hacks in the US as a privacy concern. Other worries include having personal information stolen and sold (62 percent) and companies collecting and sharing personal information (52 percent).

"Online privacy and internet freedom are basic human rights according to the United Nations," says David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO of AnchorFree. "In 2017 we face a world where our lives have become largely digital, and security and privacy breaches are commonplace. Our identities and data have become currency for hackers; 500 million people have had their say on taking control of their data online by downloading Hotspot Shield."

You can find out more and download the free Hotspot Shield app on the AnchorFree website.

Photo credit: Pelykh Konstantin / Shutterstock

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