Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best smartphone display ever

Samsung has given Galaxy S8 owners a lot to be excited about, including Samsung DeX to transform it into a dockable computer. There's also the assistant, Bixby, but the biggest talking point is probably that display.

The Infinity Display not only occupies a massive proportion of the front of the smartphone, it is also the best display of any smartphone ever. At least that's what the guys over at DisplayMate think; after testing in the labs, they awarded it the highest grade they’ve ever handed out.

The site has published detailed results of its tests, culminating in dolling out an unprecedented A+ rating The S8 predecessor -- the Galaxy S7 -- was DisplayMate's previous favorite display, but this time around things are even better. The site points to a lengthy list of improvements that Samsung has made, as well as taking into account the new features it incorporates.

The authors of the report say: "The Galaxy S8 is the first in a new generation of OLED Smartphones that have a Full Screen Display design. It is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever lab tested, earning DisplayMate's highest ever A+ grade."

You can check out the full report over on the DisplayMate website, but the TL;DR version is simply: "the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an incredible display."