Microsoft will give you free Subway sandwiches -- here's how to score the yummy deal


As someone who lives in New York, I have access to many quality delicatessens. This means I have the ability to buy extremely good sandwiches. The problem? They can be expensive, easily exceeding $10. It is for this reason that I still go to Subway on occasion. With that said, some of the company's sandwiches are pretty tasty -- I do not go only to save money.

You know what's better than an inexpensive sandwich? A free one! You see, Microsoft is giving away free meals from Subway -- a sandwich, drink, and either cookie or chips. The offer is not for individuals, however. The Windows-maker will cater your event as long as it has at least one Microsoft related topic and meets the other criteria.

"Finding venues, sourcing speakers, promoting your meetup and sorting the catering are just some of the many 'fun' tasks that user group leads need to be on top off to help build a thriving technical community. Well, to ensure your peeps are fed and watered, we’ve worked with Subway to ensure your attendees don’t go hungry at their next meetup event," says Megan Mallin, Audience Evangelism Manager, Microsoft.

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Mallin further says, "where there is a Microsoft related topic on your event agenda (and there is about 100+ of them that we can think of), we are happy to cover the cost of Subway boxed meals for your attendees. The offer includes a 6 inch sub, soft drink, cookie and packet of chips for each attendee – all for no cost to your user group. This offer is for community led events with between 30 – 100 attendees and is valid through until June 30, 2017. You do need to place your order a minimum 10 business days before your event to ensure your order makes it through not 1, but 2 corporate behemoths (Microsoft and Subway), but we can assure you, it's worth the wait."

If your meeting will meet the criteria, you can submit a request for free Subway meals here. Make sure to keep things honest, folks -- don't abuse the generous offer.

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