New software adds secure authentication to any enterprise application

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Increased numbers of phishing and other cyber attacks are putting companies under greater pressure to secure their applications.

Conventionally this requires re-coding or other work to achieve, but new software from behavioral firewall specialist Preempt lets organizations add secure authentication to any enterprise application.

The software, called Any App, is vendor agnostic and allows customers to obtain more value out of their existing investments in multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions such as SecureAuth, Duo and Google Authenticator.

Preempt builds secure authentication at the network layer and works for both Windows and Linux environments. When a user first connects to an application, the application attempts to verify the user's identity. Preempt proxies this request, and based on the policy, can trigger the organization's MFA solution to push a challenge to the end user. Once identity has been verified, access to the application is granted. This approach can be extended to any application that authenticates over the network, allowing organizations to place consistent controls on all applications regardless of whether they are hosted locally or in the cloud.

"Security teams want to better protect their organization and application from threats and breaches by adding policies that require users to validate their identity via authentication techniques before accessing corporate applications. While adding MFA to web applications is relatively simple, many have found that protecting on-premises applications is more complex. Integrating secure authentication into each application requires significant resources, which typically leads to the majority of internal applications not being protected by MFA, or a very fractured approach at best," says Ajit Sancheti, co-founder and CEO of Preempt. "Preempt removes the need for application customization, and turns the task of adding MFA support to applications into a simple matter of defining policy, which saves both time and money, while also protecting the organization from security breaches."

Any App is based on Preempt's existing policy engine, it can be bought as a stand alone product or as part of a wider solution. You can find out more on the Preempt website.

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