Amazon Prime Day boosts other shopping apps


Amazon's Prime Day, although it's only been happening for three years, has already become a sort of Black Friday for the summer season. But a new report shows that it's having a positive benefit for other retailers too.

The study by mobile app marketing specialist Liftoff analyzed the install and purchase rates over a seven day period -- three days leading up to Prime Day, Prime Day itself, and the three days following. The company then compared 'Prime Week' to the previous six week period in order to establish benchmarks for shopping app install rates and purchase rates.

While shopping app installs see a slight decrease around Prime Day, of those users who did install a shopping app, 46.76 percent more went on to to make a purchase when compared to the previous six weeks. This suggests that those mobile users who installed a commerce app around Amazon Prime Day did so with a very high intent to purchase.

Prime Day itself, however, is all about Amazon. The data shows that non-Amazon shopping apps experience a 12.84 percent drop in purchases and a 1.62 percent drop in installs on the day itself, clearly suggesting that consumers shift their purchasing to Amazon.

In the day's aftermath though there's a greater lift in conversions on other shopping apps, with purchases peaking by nearly 71 percent on the Thursday following Prime Day. So it seems Prime Day primes consumers to purchase whether it's on Amazon or elsewhere.

Liftoff Prime Day graph

"For mobile commerce marketers, while they may see their sales take a hit on Prime Day, Prime week presents a huge opportunity for driving meaningful sales and revenue," says Dennis Mink VP of marketing at Liftoff. "Whether you call it the new Black Friday, Black Friday in Summer, or Prime Week, the week presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce marketers to drive meaningful sales and revenue on mobile."

You can read more about the findings on the Liftoff blog.

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