YouTube rolls out redesign and unveils new logo

Redesigns are tricky beasts, almost inevitably dividing opinion and leading to questions about why things couldn't have just been left alone. Running the risk of a double whammy of complaints, YouTube has rolled out not only a redesign of its sites, but also a brand new logo.

Both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube have been treated to a new look. It's the redesign that has been beta tested on users for a few months, and with a few extra tweaks, the company is ready to give everyone access to it. While a fresh lick of paint for the site and apps was expected, the new logo is rather more of a surprise.

The new logo is not a radical departure from its predecessor, but it's an important change nonetheless. The "Tube" part of the name is no longer encased in a red screen lozenge; the lettering has broken out completely and kerning has been tweaked. The brightness of the red used on the screen/lozenge icon has been ramped up, and there's now a play button featured in the logo. This also serves as the sites new icon.

The site-wide redesign is likely to get people talking as well -- not least because mobile users are going to be disappointed by the lack of dark mode. YouTube shares the following video to highlight some of the changes:

Over on the YouTube blog, Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan gives full details of the redesign:

What do you make of the changes? A step in the right direction, or change for the sake of change?