Kodi calls for TVAddons to be shut down


If you’re a Kodi user then you’ll no doubt be familiar with TVAddons. The site hosts many of the best unofficial Kodi addons around and is a must-visit for many users.

TVAddons has had a lot of well-documented legal problems lately, but received an unexpected boost from digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which came out in support of the site a few days ago. But while TVAddons might have a lot of supporters, one organization definitely isn’t a fan -- Kodi itself.


In a Twitter rant, sparked by TorrentFreak’s reporting on EFF’s stance, Kodi said:

Let's hope tvaddons gets shut down regardless cause they bring nothing but misery to everyone.

Responding to this, TVAddons replied:

Nice thing to say, whoever is running your social media profile @KodiTV is definitely not in touch with your userbase...

TVAddons' response led to Kodi launching into a rant about piracy, even going so far as to refer to illegal streaming as a "parasite to the Kodi host" and wishing for a "nice small userbase" to replace the "large unwanted userbase" and "confusion, misunderstanding and extra workload to the team and our infrastructure" that piracy has brought the software.

TVAddons, for its part, has always rejected the accusation that it facilitates piracy. In a statement to BetaNews, the site said:

TVAddons is not a piracy site, it's a platform for developers of open source add-ons for the Kodi media center. As a community platform filled with user-generated content, we have always acted in accordance with the law and swiftly complied whenever we received a DMCA takedown notice.

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