How machine learning is set to shake up marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are expanding their reach into many areas of business, and marketing is no exception.

B2B marketing specialist Engagio has produced an infographic looking at how marketers can incorporate the latest technology into their own account based marketing strategies.

Among its key points are that machine learning will have a $15.3 billion total market value by 2019, and while only 27 percent of marketers currently use AI, 51 percent plan to use it in the future. In addition 30 percent say automation saves them time and 25 percent say it provides insights into big data.

More than half of customers (52 percent) will switch brands if they don't receive personalized communications. For business buyers the figure is even higher, with 65 percent saying they’ll switch if a vendor doesn't personalize communication.

You can see more of the findings in the full graphic below.

Image Credit: Mopic / Shutterstock

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