Twitter Insiders is dead

Today, the Twitter Insiders program dies. Wait, you didn't know such a thing existed? You aren't alone. It certainly wasn't a household name, and interest in it was apparently quite low. As a result, Twitter is temporarily ending the program as of December 22, 2017.

If you aren't familiar, Twitter Insiders was a survey program that was announced in June of 2016. Data analysts from a company called "C Space" would solicit feedback from Twitter users that signed up. The program would not only ask for feedback about Twitter, but other brands and topics too. While some of the survey feedback was given for free, Twitter would sometimes pay users for participating too -- a dollar here, five dollars there -- nothing significant. And now it is dead.

It's death may be short lived, however, as the social network says it may relaunch Twitter Insiders next year. I am dubious that will happen though. Earlier today, Twitter sent the following email to members.

On behalf of everyone at Twitter and C Space, thank you for being such a loyal member of Twitter Insiders. We appreciate all the time and effort you have dedicated to the community -- you truly have made a lasting impact at Twitter. We wanted to let you know that the community will be on a brief hold while it goes through some changes and improvements. December 22nd is the last day that you will have access to the community site in its current form.

We know this may be disappointing but we're looking to relaunch the community in early 2018. You will be hearing from us at the start of the new year with more information around this. We would love for you to continue this journey with us!

We are so proud of everything we've accomplished together on Insiders. We couldn't have done any of it without you. Below are just a few highlighted areas where your thoughtful participation in the community made a real impact:

  • You've made your Twitter team famous at Twitter
  • The Back to School research in the US was featured on
  • The March Madness study in the US helped us show what a valuable partner we can be in the sport space
  • The News project in the UK has made it global and is informing teams’ work across the world
  • The digital needstates project in the UK has become one of the most successful projects, and insights are being turned into Christmas presents!

Before we say goodbye for the year, there are still lots of activities that we'd like to hear from you on! Please be sure to check-in to the community from now until the 22nd to weigh in with your thoughts.

Were you a Twitter Insider? Are you sad to see it go? Tell me in the comments below.

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