Amazon finally lets users collaborate on lists

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After years of pleading from its customers, Amazon is finally making it possible to collaborate on lists on the site.

While it has long been possible to share a personal list with friends and family, the ability to allow other people access has remained a distant dream -- aside from the event-specific Wedding Registry feature. At long last, people are now able to contribute to a shared list for any sort of event.

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The feature does not yet appear to be available to everyone, but it's easy to check to see if it has been enabled in your account. Just head to a list you have created and you should -- hopefully -- see a new Invite button that gives you the opportunity to add collaborators to work with you on it. You can either send out an invite via email, or share a link in a message.

Amazon list invite button

This is a great step forward that overcomes the previous limitations. It has long been possible to share a list with other people, but only in read-only mode -- which is less than ideal when a group of friends want to work on a shared list for a birthday or other event. There's also a messaging option which allows you to keep all of your list-related talk in one place.

Hat tip to Rita at Android Police for spotting the new feature.

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