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Companies are facing a constant battle against cyber threats, add to this a growing skills gap and security teams don't always have the staff or knowledge to effectively monitor and respond to threats.

Automated detection and response company Fidelis Cybersecurity is launching a new managed detection and response (MDR) service to supplement in-house security resources.


The 24x7 Fidelis MDR service provides a team of skilled security experts who use patented technology to analyze rich network and endpoint metadata, content, behavioral and asset characteristics, as well as enterprise IoT devices to aid in hunting and investigations.

"With the risk enterprises face each day, organizations need more than just an MSSP partner," says Nick Lantuh, president and CEO at Fidelis Cybersecurity. "Our team of experts are true threat hunters, not just alert watchers. Most come from US Government Department of Defense Cyber Security Units and Intelligence Community backgrounds with deep hunting and incident response experience. They are empowered by our advanced analysis engine which provides rich metadata and content to expose and understand the context behind an alert, to gain full life-cycle visibility during an attack and to rapidly and accurately find, contain and eradicate threats."

Fidelis has set up a Cyber Threat Analysis Center, staffed with security operations professionals, forensic analysts, incident responders and threat hunters, who have a strong pedigree of identifying, triaging and responding to threats targeting enterprises of all sizes.

Fidelis' Deep Session Inspection of network traffic produces metadata and content information enabling the MDR team to understand whether a document or executable has been seen before, what the file type is, who authored it, who received a copy and who logged into the machine that sent the document. These data-driven insights, combined with machine learning and automation help provide a seamless incident response workflow, ensuring quick and accurate detection and response that removes false positives and produces only actionable intelligence.

You can find out more on the Fidelis website or on the company's stand at next week's Black Hat USA conference.

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