Twitter hits Alex Jones and Infowars with permanent bans

Twitter and Alex Jones

Fueling the right-wing conspiracy theorist's view that the world is out to get him, Twitter has followed the lead of other social media companies and banned Alex Jones from its platform.

With his output dubbed "hate content", Jones found himself removed from Spotify, Facebook and iTunes, but Twitter's Jack Dorsey previously refused to follow suit saying that the Infowars frontman "hasn't violated our rules", insisting that his company enforces its rules "impartially, regardless of political viewpoints". But after Jones posted videos earlier this week that violated Twitter's policy on abusive content, he has been permanently banned.


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The ban means that Jones can no longer use either Twitter or Periscope, but it extends even further than that. Infowars is also banned from both platforms, and Twitter says that it will monitor for signs that either the individual or the organization is using other accounts to try to get around the ban.

While it is not known for sure why the ban has suddenly been enforced, it is believed to be related to a confrontation between Jones and CNN reporter Oliver Darcy earlier this week. This week also saw Jones having a run-in with Senator Marco Rubio:

Tweeting about the new ban on Alex Jones and Infowars, Twitter said:

The company said that it would not be giving any details of the ban:

Twitter also announced that it would be looking out for other accounts associated with Infowars and Alex Jones:

Anyone now trying to access Jones' Twitter feed is greeted by the following message:

Account suspended

This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.

Over on Infowars, Jones has continued to suggest that he is being censored by "big tech", and his legions of supporters seem to agree judging by the responses to Twitter's tweets.

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