Windows 10 1809 fiasco continues -- October 2018 Update also breaks Windows Media Player

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The Windows 10 October 2018 Update has been one of the most problematic Microsoft releases ever. It seems that every time the company pushes out the update, yet another issue arises.

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update has already caused issues with Apple iCloud, file associations, data loss... the list goes on and on. The latest problem sees the update breaking Windows Media Player.

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The news about the Windows Media Player problems come courtesy of Paul Thurrott after Microsoft gave sparse details about the latest batch of bugs found in the update. Thurrott refers to a Windows support article in which Microsoft explains a little about the problem with file associations, and promises a fix in "late November 2018".

As for the problem with Windows Media Player, Microsoft explains:

After installing this update, users may not be able to use the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player when playing specific files.

It is not entirely clear what is meant by "specific files".

There is no suggestion of a workaround, but Microsoft says that it "is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release".

With the track record associated with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, don't be surprised if we find that the fix introduces further problems of its own.

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40 Responses to Windows 10 1809 fiasco continues -- October 2018 Update also breaks Windows Media Player

  1. Angus MACGYVER says:

    Luckily no one uses wmp anymore :)

    • Granit says:

      I do, there is no player like WMP regarding manage libraries of mp3, or?

      • nvic says:

        I use it too, specifically for music management. it's the only fully-featured app I actually like. iTunes sucks, and many of the others focus more on video than music.

        I do have VLC installed though. It's basically a requirement anymore due to all the various formats.

      • Granit says:

        Actually, I more or less only use WMP for music management!

      • 1DaveN says:

        Zune. Not sure you can still get it for download, although you could last I checked. It supports dynamic playlists, a feature I haven't seen elsewhere. (And given how obsolete Zune is by now, I'd probably switch if someone else had it).

      • JaviAl says:

        Try MusicBee. Its free. Or MediaMonkey.

  2. pmdci says:

    While the quality of Windows development had undoubtedly taken a downturn in the past months (personally, I'd say years), I'd say Windows Media Player has fall so much into disuse that perhaps few would notice. Sure that doesn't justify poor QA but even the best QA out there doesn't mean we wouldn't get bugs, and I'd dare to say that from all issues Windows 10 might have, a Windows Media Player glitch is unlikely to be at the top of the priority list for users out there.

    • John Crane says:

      I agree. None of the bugs found so far affect me personally, but they raise the possibility of finding more serious bugs.

    • Slavic says:

      While only a few part of Windows users prefer WMP over other players (for example, I mostly use VLC player), Windows updates have a bad habit to restore time to time the default associations with built-in apps instead of user-installed, like it already occurred with Edge. So, bugs in WMP may affect much more people.

    • MyDisqussion says:

      I do use Media Player. I can't install those cross-platform things like VLC. My seek bar works just fine. Let's see, oh wait, I'm not on 1809.

      I suspect they must have changed some dll. I can't imagine they are modifying the binary. Still, for this to happen is stupid. They should have buried this release.

  3. RejZoR says:

    People make an elephant out of mouse. Oh noes, a seek bar of an app no one even uses is not working. The world is ending! People and companies make just media players and they are full of bugs even after years of development. And people blame Microsoft like the world is ending because a tiny part within a huge entity is broken. Like, wow, talking about drama queens... I now also understand why Microsoft separated most of their apps from the OS and offers them on Microsoft Store as individually updatable apps. Is such problems happen, they just update that app and they don't have to push out complex and expensive OS update.

    The file deleting bug was a significant thing although I wonder how many people were even actually affected coz I run 1809 on 3 systems and none got anything deleted. I think it was just heavily overblown even if legitimate issue. The rest of whining that followed had nex to nothing to do with Microsoft. Like "oh noes another problem with Windows update" and then you read the drama news content and it's Microsoft blocking update because of faulty Intel driver. How is this a Microsoft problem if Intel goofs up? Microsoft was protecting you from Intel failure...

    • 1DaveN says:

      IMO the length of time it took to even notice this bug indicates it may not be as tragic as some are making it out to be.

    • PrivateOne says:

      Speaking of elephants.

      I recall the Elephant Man article Mark did from years ago.

      Still makes me laugh.

    • NetNeutrality says:

      Windows 10 updates have broken more things than just the seek bar in windows player. It has destroyed and reset networking to NAS drives networking between computers among other things. MIcrosoft support was NO help at all as they were clueless as to what their update broke. This failure to QC their updates is a recipe for disaster.

  4. MyDisqussion says:

    Wayne, this probably affects 0.0000001% of users, just like all of the other issues.

  5. clay_N says:

    Wow, WMP is still packaged into Windows? Didn't even realize it.

    • Adrian S says:

      Well the one Ms wants us to use is a pile of muck, so for one am glad that they still have WMP in windows.
      but I do use VLC most of the times, but sometimes that does fail to play some files.

      • Captain555 says:

        VLC is great for video. But for music I prefer Winamp.

      • psycros says:

        Yes to Winamp (recently updated, amazingly). I much prefer MPC to VLC, however.

      • 1DaveN says:

        I'm not sure we're getting audiophile quality from any of this stuff, but even with my bad hearing, I can tell that VLC audio quality is lower than WMP. I don't generally use either of them, but for me, VLC has always been the last resort.

    • Sven123456789 says:

      I thought the same thing. I had to search the start menu to find it.

  6. CSCIGuy says:

    Well this should cause concern, considering I highly doubt any modifications or updates were done to the WMP application itself. So other applications that worked fine in previous versions of Windows 7 and 10 that haven't been updated either may not work properly.

  7. Others have also noted that you can’t set Win32 programs as the default for a given file type after this recent update. Double clicking will not open Notepad for example.

  8. Zootopiaʒooo says:

    Well, Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (yes, it's still being updated... with latest LAV filters) being used here for main video player, and WMP for music files. All I really have is VBR MP3s and still love WMP's EQ, SRS Effects, and Crossfade. Groove player has a minimal EQ and that's it, and they even got rid of the musician slideshows that used to download and show with each artist when playing.

  9. George Dolan says:

    I really don't understand all these complaints...I have a new computer and no complaints, why is that...I am 70 years of age...and disabled, Microsoft, Dell, and all other software works well, I am at 1809, 18282 working very well I have the preview version...I want more stuff, like DLNA, AI, Dolby, DTS, Camera, anything for 4 K I asking too much, if we all this up Microsoft will be charging for a 2019 version for a new upgrade...

    • Fantasm says:

      You are just lucky that's why....
      You are using a combination of software and or hardware that just happens to work.... Good for you....
      I have a new computer as well, but I also have a list of annoyances a page or two long...

  10. George Dolan says:

    Microsoft ought to pay anyone for the bugs in Software or Devices, this would be a good faithful and peaceful way to solve Microsoft would be a peace offering...Microsoft please pay these people so people like me can enjoy your products...

    • TechFan says:

      I would be rich if Google had to do the same. And make some extra with iOS12 (as it is the most buggiest thing they have released). But do agree to the people that lost there documents, granted, MS offered for those people to call them and help them recover them, but there should be something for the stress.

  11. PrivateOne says:

    The dumpster fire that keeps on giving...

  12. realDonaldTrump says:

    Windows 7 isn't any less buggy than Windows 10. Anyone who is intimately familiar with both Windows versions should know this. People just love to blow minor bugs out of proportion on Windows 10 because it's new. Even the file deletion bugs is not serious because most people don't point their various "My" folders to a different location.

    • psycros says:

      Really? Because the Windows 7 service packs eliminated bugs. Windows 10 seems to be going exactly the other way. <-- intimately familiar with all Windows versions from 3.0 and up.

      • realDonaldTrump says:

        Please. If you were really intimately familiar with Windows you would know that Windows 7 service packs replaced bugs with new bugs. They didn't just eliminate bugs.

    • Fantasm says:

      I ran Windows 7 flawlessly, day after day, week after week month after month with no crashes or problems...
      Windows 10 is one little issue after another....

      • realDonaldTrump says:

        If you're having issues with Windows 10 it's just your computer. None of the reported issues with Windows 10 are widespread.

      • Pecan says:

        And that really proves that you have no interest in a reliable OS. "It's just" every computer that's "having issues" that proves the point that windows 10 can't be trusted.

      • Fantasm says:

        No, it's Windows 10...

    • Pecan says:

      The problem specific to windows 10 is forced updates. MS used to release detailed information about updates and allow PC owners to choose which to install and when. Now they don't - they insist everyone take everything (which minor options to delay) because they, Microsoft, know best.

      They have taken responsibility, despite the complaints, so they have to accept that responsibility. Instead of keeping everyone operating perfectly their fashion-toy strategy and reduced QA is proving to be one-size-fits-none.

    • Zootopiaʒooo says:

      I move the user folders to a different partition, still there if anything goes wrong with the OS partition.

  13. psycros says:

    When I see "problem with file associations" over and over that tells me that Microsoft is trying way too hard to force people to use their built-in bloatware.

  14. windows7 forever2018 says:

    everyone who still using windows 10 deserve it

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